Steven and Chris

Check out this link to see some pics from one of my regular appearances on Steven and Chris on CBC. Follow me on Twitter to find out when the next episodes are!

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In Good Company

Listed by Fashion magazine as a hair and makeup “trailblazer” in their 35th anniversary issue. Check out the article online. I’m honored to be in such good company between Greg Wencel and Beau Nelson- both great artists whose work I’ve always admired.¬† Also on the same page and a personal favorite to work with, the talented Grace Lee. Thanks Fashion magazine!

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Condragulations Miss Tynomi Banks. You’re looking gorgeous in this latest fashion video by Perfectomag! Shot by May Truong, hair and makeup by me. Chant√© you stay….

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fashionmag:color vs.cut

I’m interviewed in this story by Fashion magazine exploring the differences between cutters and color techs.

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Check out this video featuring some of our favorite fashionable Torontonians. You might see someone you know…Hair and makeup by me and the team at Aveda Canada.

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All this and nothing

Shot on location on another planet. Can you guess which one? Check out the full story here

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follow suit

Follow me on Twitter? @kristjanhayden

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Ashes to Ashes

This story on Singer, Ash Koley Hair and makeup by me.

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guy’s the limit

Check out the full story on Kenta and Jack.

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Wind It Up

Mikayla (FORD) in Perfectomag. My HM. Styling by Yen Chen. Photos by Regen Chen. Check out the full story here

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