In Good Company

Listed by Fashion magazine as a hair and makeup “trailblazer” in their 35th anniversary issue. Check out the article online. I’m honored to be in such good company between Greg Wencel and Beau Nelson- both great artists whose work I’ve always admired.  Also on the same page and a personal favorite to work with, the talented Grace Lee. Thanks Fashion magazine!

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fashionmag:color vs.cut

I’m interviewed in this story by Fashion magazine exploring the differences between cutters and color techs.

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Flare share

Rewind: A Flare find-

From a story about fashion designer Amanda Lew Kee on (see me far right?)  Click the pic to link to the story

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In Flare


FLARE June 2010

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29 secrets

Kristjan on

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Lemon Fresh

New! Kristjan on The Blog: Lemon Fresh. Today features Kristjan in: The Tuesday Look.

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Pastel/ Flare

pastel-flarePastel in Flare. Lashes built by Kristjan.

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