Condragulations Miss Tynomi Banks. You’re looking gorgeous in this latest fashion video by Perfectomag! Shot by May Truong, hair and makeup by me. Chanté you stay….

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Check out this video featuring some of our favorite fashionable Torontonians. You might see someone you know…Hair and makeup by me and the team at Aveda Canada.

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CBC Live: #redcarpethair

Red carpet hair report on CBC live with Jamey Ordolis. Watch and learn how to do flat iron curls!

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Aveda show

I made a little video to thank some of the behind the scenes people who worked on our latest hair show for Aveda Canada. This show took place in Miami (South Beach) in April. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the show! Aveda Canada goes to Miami

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Aveda Beauty Video

New beauty video for Aveda by Kristjan. Featuring Pastel Supernova. Directed by JT Ivanov, Art Direction by Diego Armand, Hair/Makeup assistant Jade Smith.

Click on the image to watch…

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Kristjan demonstrates three simple styles for


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Parallels “Ultralight” from Electric Train on Vimeo.

Video by Parallels, Hair and Makeup by Kristjan

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